When will reading become ‘Spritzing’?

I confess to not being a huge ‘reader’ certainly not of an epic novel but more often over a T&B review with a casual Sunday brew. I’d like to say this is not because I don’t enjoy it but it is just near impossible to find the time.

Well…. A small team of technologists based out of Boston have sought out a new form of reading which might solve this problem. ‘Spritzing’ allows you to quick stream text just one word at a time forcing your eye to focus on the content. If all this is starting to sound a bit too futuristic, give it a try here.

In no way am I suggesting when you are lying on the beach you should sit staring at your new smart watch taking in all 1008 pages of ‘Lord of the Rings’ but when you’re running out of time to get your daily fix of T&B this might be just the thing! Saying this, if you did fancy it, Spritz are suggesting at the average ‘spritzing’ speed of a college grad, you’d manage the whole trilogy in just over 800 minutes, that’s only 13 hours!

With a patent pending on the Spritz technology being incorporated into photos, videos, maps and websites, it seems like the future of reading as we know it may have a shorter life expectancy than we first thought.

We look forward to you ‘Spritzing’ your latest T&B some time soon!

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